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How to hire international students as interns for your business

(reviewed 19/07/2023)
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Generally speaking, many people shy away from hiring international students to work at their businesses and establishments because of the complications and expenses they think the hiring process involves. Matter of fact, some people avoid hiring international students completely in order to avoid any form of unnecessary scrutiny from the authorities. 

However, barring these widespread misconceptions, hiring international students to work at your establishment is not as complicated as it sounds, you just need to know how to go about it. 


As at the beginning of the second quarter of 2017, all international students in Europe, foreign students studying at colleges in both EU and Non-EU countries were allowed to start business and become self-employed. They were also allowed to get hired by establishments to work either full time or part time with such establishments. 

These legislations therefore made it quite easy to hire international students for your establishment without having to go through any expensive or time-consuming process. The processes involved are also quite legal, therefore, leaving you with nothing to fear about getting reprimanded by authorities.


To hire these international students for your establishment, first and foremost, you need to get registered on popular job networking websites.  After registering, then you make your interest to hire international students known, then ask interested parties with adequate qualifications to apply. Making use of internPreneur however, once your desire is established, you will be granted access to a vast database of qualified international students from which you can select from.


Other than internPreneur, there are a lot of websites and platforms from which you can hire international students to work at your establishment. These include Infojobs and LinkedIn. However, hiring from internPreneur may be your best bet yet, as pricing on the website is quite modest, and you get to select by yourself the best international students that suits your preference. You can learn more about internPreneur’s plan and pricing here.


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How do I hire international students on internPreneur?

InternPreneur is an innovative platform that allows you to specifically hire students as interns for your establishment. Using internPreneur, students can submit their profiles to seek internship opportunities abroad, while start-ups and entrepreneurs can easily hire from the plethora of highly qualified choices. 


The process involved in hiring an international student on internPreneur is quite simple and straightforward. After visiting their website, you select the category that best describes you, as different pricing exists for entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses, all with their own perks. Other than the categories listed above, if any of them does not describe you, you can also get a customized plan. The perks of hiring your international student from internPreneur are infinite. With internPreneur, the job networking field is at your fingertips.


What is internPreneur?

internPreneur is an emerging power player in the professional networking field, set to rival and supersede even the biggest names in networking. With the European job market in mind, internPreneur was created to bridge the gap between establishments and talented professionals by connecting startups and entrepreneurs to global talents from all over the world. 


The company’s website states that internPreneur is “an innovative recruitment platform for entrepreneurs and students by entrepreneurs and students.” As a new company which has already garnered over 1,000,000 interactions and over 50,000 success stories, it is safe to say that internPreneur is set to take Europe by storm.


Why you should hire your international students on internPreneur

The internPreneur platform is mainly dedicated towards helping talented international students secure befitting internship opportunities abroad. Thus, only outstanding and reliable international students whose character and qualifications have been proven make it onto the platform. 


With its astronomically expanding influence in Europe also, internPreneur is set to become a major frontrunner and a household name in the networking field. Now may be the best time to jump in the band wagon of something quite ingenious and yet phenomenal. InternPreneur allows you to access a large database of qualified students from which you can select your pick. internPreneur has introduced this as a game changer, and you would only be doing yourself a favour by making use of this resource.


What is Infojobs


Infojobs is one of the largest and most popular job recruitment websites in Europe. In addition to being one of the most popular websites in Europe, Infojobs is also a career builder reputed as one of the most influential online job search platforms across the continent. The only downside of hiring on the platform being it may be a bit expensive to hire international students using the platform.  


Boasting of over 3 million active members as of January 2022, hundreds of companies across Europe hire professionals making use of this website. Ever since its inception in Spain over 24 years ago, Infojobs has enjoyed an unrivaled reputation as a highly advanced digital platform which connects companies to highly talented and qualified professionals.


How do I hire international students on Infojobs


To hire international students on Infojobs, first you will need to create a presence on the website. You do this by advertising your job offer or job request on the website. After you visit Infojobs.net and select sign up, you would be required to provide some information about yourself.  You will be presented a form to fill out your company name, your contact’s name as well as address, your email address, telephone number and your VAT number. 


Once the form has been filled out, you will be required to provide specific information about your job offer and what it entails. You will be required to provide your preferred candidate profile, in which you can then state your preference to hire international students. 


You will also be asked about the number of vacancies available as well as the country in which such vacancy/vacancies exists. After filling out the required information, an Infojobs representative will then contact you to discuss more information about your job offer and also discuss a customized payment plan that suits your job advert. 


After taking the steps listed above, your job listing will be live on Infojobs. Talented international students whose qualifications fit your job description will then start applying with their CVs. You can then select your most preferred candidate from the tens of applications Infojobs guarantee you will receive.


Hiring International students on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is also one of the largest professional networks in the world. With over 450 million users, it is another perfect place to hire the best international students for your business. With users present in over 180 countries around the world, LinkedIn is a great platform in the world to hire professionals, or get hired as a professional. 

However, while Linkedin may seem like the perfect platform to hire international students, you need to be wary of identity theft which happens regularly on the platform. It is a common occurrence for mischievous fraudsters to duplicate the Linkedin profiles of legitimate businesses to dupe unsuspecting job seekers of their hard earned money. 


While LinkedIn does a great job in linking talented and motivated job seekers with job offers that best suit their qualifications, the cost of its premium package leans a bit towards the high side. It requires monthly subscriptions which may become too expensive to keep up with on the long run. The hiring process on Linkedin may also be a tad time consuming if you do not know exactly how to go by it. However, regardless of these cons, it is still a great platform to hire International talents.


How do I hire international students on LinkedIn


To hire international students on LinkedIn, first, you need to create a LinkedIn profile, but if you already have one you do not need to create another. However, you will still be required to create a company page. This serves as your home base on LinkedIn. You then proceed to share more information about your company and what makes it unique. You can then ask existing employees to connect their profiles to the company page. 


Once a few of your employees have linked their profiles to the company page to provide some form of credibility, you can then advertise your offer to hire qualified international students for your business. LinkedIn advises that small businesses that intend to hire on the platform make use of the pay-for-performance basis while larger businesses can hire making use of the “Job slot” payment basis. Thereafter, after meeting all the necessary requirements, LinkedIn will then advertise your job offer to the best international students whose profile fits your job description.


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Hiring an international student as an intern may have been a herculean task in the past, but with the introduction of internPreneur, the process has been quite simplified. You can now sit back and browse through a detailed database of international students from which you can hire from. This is all thanks to the creative idea of the ingenious minds behind the website.


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Nicolas Lot
5 months ago
Je trouve que cet article de blog est très complet et informatif. Il fournit de nombreux conseils utiles pour les étudiants qui souhaitent trouver un stage à l'étranger. Je suis particulièrement d'accord avec l'idée qu'il est important de bien définir se


  • What makes internPreneur different?

    The internPreneur platform gives you full and unlimited access to a large database of students. Recruitment is much faster as you can filter the skills and availability of students according to your needs.

  • How much does it cost me to hire an intern?

    Most of internships are unpaid as interns receive academic credits in exchange for completion of the internship. The only requirement is for the students to work on meaningful tasks and have an assigned supervisor.

  • How long do the internships last?

    Most internships are for 1 to 3 months, but some schools also allow longer internships. Some students are flexible and agree to extend placements if necessary.

  • Are all internships on-site (do I need an office)?

    No. 3 different types of workplaces are possible: hybrid (recommended), remote and on-site. Choose a workplace according to your needs.

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