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How do I hire an intern?

(reviewed 19/07/2023)
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We are sure the thought of "how do I hire an intern?" has crossed the mind of almost every cash-strapped founder of a startup. Oh, the joys of low-cost labor. 


The idea of employing interns for low or no pay is quite appealing. Yes, a group of gifted and efficient interns can free up time for startup leaders to concentrate on big picture strategy while others handle the day-to-day operations. What business person would pass up a chance like that?


Although most interns work for large corporations, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are taking advantage of the benefits that interning can provide. Internships benefit both parties because the intern gains practical work experience, and the employer benefits from having more people to help. 


To have a successful internship program, it is essential to know how to hire an intern effectively.


Can I hire an intern?



To answer your question, yes, you can hire an intern. Knowing where to begin can be challenging when looking to fill an internship. The following are considerations to make before bringing on an intern.


Learning About Labor Regulations when hiring an intern


When looking to hire an intern, it is in everyone's best interest for both parties to be aware of their legal protections. Internships that don't pay a salary or only cover costs are commonplace. 


Many recent grads and students on break are so eager to start their careers that they are willing to work for little or no pay to get some experience. Unfortunately, not all companies are above taking advantage of their employees' lack of negotiation skills and will instead only offer to pay for gas and lunch. Employers are probably breaking minimum wage laws, even if they can make a case from an ethical standpoint.


Keep in mind that these are not the only rules you must follow; these are merely the minimum requirements set forth by the federal government. Before taking any action, be sure to research the relevant laws in your country.


How do I hire an intern: Make a Job Posting That Stands Out


The most effective internship postings accomplish two goals: they inform candidates about the position's requirements and give them a reason to believe they are a better match for the internship. If advertising an internship for academic credit, you may have to be creative when describing the duties involved.



You, as the internship program's creator and host organization, will be required to evaluate your interns on a regular basis. Reports are the most reliable form of assessment. To begin, it is best to give feedback on an intern's performance in writing so that they can see exactly where they stand.   In accordance with the numerous rules and regulations that pertain to internships, written intern evaluations may also serve as evidence of the supervisors' performance evaluations.


Offer Training


All internships should be educationally beneficial, irrespective of whether the intern is compensated. The intern is willing to work for free or at a cheaper rate in exchange for compensation. You must train the trainee on how to perform the job and the sector and workforce as a whole.


Duration of Time


The timeframe for hiring an intern could vary based on both parties' availability. An important consideration when determining the duration of an internship is whether or not it's lengthy enough for the intern to settle into the rhythm of the role and produce deliverables that are beneficial for both the scholar or fresh graduate and the company.


How to hire an intern: Pay or Credit for College?


You have the option of paying an intern or allowing them to earn course credit for their time with you. Hiring a trainee for a low wage can help you gain access to talented individuals who are currently enrolled in college.


For unpaid labor, you can hire an intern in exchange for course credit, but only if you follow the strict guidelines and the internship has educational value. The intern's school may also require that you fill out additional paperwork. It would help if you made this decision before any job postings are made so that you know exactly who is qualified to apply.




Internship duration


Can an intern be fired?

Yes, based on the internship type,  an intern may be terminated and receive a bad grade if it is an educational internship.


Internships are employment preparation opportunities, and a failure to perform well carries the same repercussions as regular employment.


Whatever the setting, an internship ought to be an enlightening experience. Asking for and getting support to meet performance standards must be encouraged and facilitated.

When do internships begin?

Generally, internship cycles coincide with semesters; even so, you must begin internship recruiting efforts well enough in advance to avoid missing out on the best talent. Employers typically begin the internship recruitment process eight months before the program's start date.


How can Interns become Entry-Level Staff members?

Internships allow employers to observe a potential employee's job performance, team dynamics, and non-academic attributes, like enthusiasm and tenacity. It has been demonstrated that evaluating candidates for full-time positions' suitability through internship opportunities is profitable for employers.

With a bit of forethought and a dedication to providing applicants with real-world career opportunities, it is possible to recruit qualified candidates.



Now that you have an answer to “how do I hire an intern”, it's worth knowing that there has been a recent uptick in the number of students seeking internships at multiple companies now that you know the answer to the question "how do I hire an intern?".


One of the most obvious ways internships benefit students is by increasing their employability after graduation. Startups can benefit in many ways from having interns on staff.

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  • What makes internPreneur different?

    The internPreneur platform gives you full and unlimited access to a large database of students. Recruitment is much faster as you can filter the skills and availability of students according to your needs.

  • How much does it cost me to hire an intern?

    Most of internships are unpaid as interns receive academic credits in exchange for completion of the internship. The only requirement is for the students to work on meaningful tasks and have an assigned supervisor.

  • How long do the internships last?

    Most internships are for 1 to 3 months, but some schools also allow longer internships. Some students are flexible and agree to extend placements if necessary.

  • Are all internships on-site (do I need an office)?

    No. 3 different types of workplaces are possible: hybrid (recommended), remote and on-site. Choose a workplace according to your needs.

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